Door-Tran Receives Grant for Half-Price Travel Voucher Program

In February, Door-Tran expanded its Half-Price Travel Voucher Program to serve patients who needed transportation after they were discharged from the Door County Medical Center or had other transportation needs while Door-Tran’s office was closed. Since 2009, Door-Tran and the hospital have shared resources when a patient was unable to afford a trip with a private taxi during Door-Tran’s hours, but this expansion provides 24/7 assistance.

Recently, the Women’s Fund of Door County and donors to the Door County Community Foundation recognized the importance of this program and granted it $6,000. Since February, almost 30 rides have been taken at an average cost of $66.40.

“Most trips have been to get people home; however, there was an incident of a person who went to another hospital via ambulance and their loved one was stranded at the emergency room,” said Nikki Voight, mobility manager assistant at Door-Tran. “A voucher was used to transport the loved one to the other medical facility and allowed them to be at their side.”

If you have transportation needs, visit or call 920.743.9999.

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