Door/Kewaunee County Manufacturing Videos Debut

The Door Kewaunee Business & Education Partnership (DKBEP) is pleased to announce the release of a series of email-able videos featuring nine high-demand manufacturing occupations that have current availabilities in the Door/Kewaunee County region.

The videos will be released on an “Occupation of the Month” basis, presenting typical duties and skills required at local manufacturing and shipbuilding businesses. Occupations featured in the videos include pipefitting, welding, machine operation, steel and aluminum fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, assembly, mechanical engineering, CNC machining and technical drafting.

Tara LeClair, DKBEP Manager said, “The main goal in creating these videos is to help alleviate some of the misconceptions of manufacturing and help prepare students for future employment and higher education learning proficiencies in the northeast Wisconsin region.”

To view a sneak peak of all the videos online, visit