DPAS Presents New Yearlong Series at their Monthly Meetings

The Door Peninsula Astronomical Society (DPAS) will present two programs concurrently at their monthly membership meetings in 2018. The programs are “The Mysteries of our Expanding Universe” and “Astronomy Basics: Exploring the Heavens” are part of a yearlong series.

Drawing from and presenting videos from The Great Courses’ “Dark Matter, Dark Energy: The Dark Side of the Universe” by Professor Sean Carroll, the “Mysteries” series will combine experienced and new presenters drawing from course material in their own style, video lectures by Dr. Carroll in alternate months that describe how scientists have come to know what they do of our Universe, and current updates in cosmological science by physicists from area colleges. Topics will include atmospheric physics of the terrestrial planets, black holes, measuring gravity and the realities of time travel.

“Exploring the Heavens” focuses each month on learning our way around the night sky, from the most familiar objects (the Big Dipper, Orion, Cassiopeia) to somewhat more challenging and rewarding future favorites. Attendees will expand their knowledge a few constellations at a time. Weather permitting, the group will step outdoors to locate and see these viewing targets.

These series begin Feb. 6, 7 pm at the Astronomy Center, 2200 Utah St., Sturgeon Bay. The Astronomy Basics program will introduce the winter constellations, and “Mysteries of Our Expanding Universe” starts at the beginning, where Dr. Carroll discusses “Fundamental Building Blocks.”

Meetings of the DPAS are free and open to the public; visitors are welcome and refreshments will be served. For more information visit

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