Drivers Warned Before Deer Season

Drivers should be aware that over the next month the state’s white-tailed deer breeding season is beginning and will continue through the end of November. The fall breeding season coincides with the highest rate of deer-vehicle collisions. Deer can be active at all times of day or night, but are most active around the sunset and sunrise time periods. Motorists can limit their chances of hitting a deer by remaining vigilant, especially in areas where trees and vegetation are in close proximity to roads, as these are the places deer are most likely to be encountered. To take possession of a car-killed deer, drivers should register the deer by calling 608.267.7691 or online prior to removing the deer from the scene. Individuals will be required to provide their DNR customer ID and carcass location to complete the phone registration system. DNR customer IDs can be found in your Go Wild account or created online. A physical tag is not required to take possession of a car-killed deer after completing registration.

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