Letter to the Editor: Drop the Nonpartisan Label

A spokesperson for the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin submitted an opinion piece in the Feb. 16-23 issue of the Pulse. Which is fine.

But it was followed by the stock editor’s note that the LWV of Wis. is “a nonpartisan organization that advocates for informed and active participation in government.”

This may have been true at one time, when the LWV organized candidate debates to create publicity for both sides of an issue, so that voters could make an informed choice. Nowadays, it is way more likely to see an official of the LWV advocate for one side of an issue, as has once again happened in this case. They tell you what to support. They tell you what choice to make.

So let’s call a duck a duck, and drop the “nonpartisan” label from the description of the LWV. Just in case there’s anyone left out there that might be fooled.

Tom Felhofer

Union, Wis.

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