EAB Found in Ephraim

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been found in the Village of Ephraim by I.S.A. Certified Arborist Andrew Hartman and owner of Acorn Tree Service. Hartman calculates the Village of Ephraim find is simply the Town of Gibraltar find from June 2014 expanding to the north. Sadly, this means there is most likely a complete infestation of all ash in Peninsula State Park at this point.

Hartman projects that all Door County municipalities will have EAB by 2019 due to two factors:  insect population growth is exponential and humans have been moving contaminated ash firewood around since 2002.

Municipalities with confirmed EAB are City of Sturgeon Bay, Gibraltar, Nasewaupee, Sevastopol, Town of Sturgeon Bay, Egg Harbor, Jacksonport and Ephraim.

Residents should understand EAB is 100 percent fatal to white ash, yellow/green ash and black ash. Options are to preemptively remove live ash trees, treat trees with insecticide or do nothing and enjoy their ash trees until they die.

White, Black and Green Ash can be treated. Hartman recommends homeowners visit to learn more.

Hartman said treatments are very effective if the insecticides are used before EAB enters their neighborhood. Treatment costs are based on tree size and run generally from $50 to $250 per tree. Emerald ash borer insecticides are effective for one to two years and must be repeated annually or biennially. Some insecticides are available over the counter to homeowners.

Longer lasting insecticides are only available to licensed applicators. Most certified arborists in the county are doing free EAB treatment plans.

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