Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Opens on Memorial Day Weekend

In 1868, the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse cast its beam over the Green Bay for the first time, and on Memorial Day weekend will be open to visitors for the season.

“It has been a very busy winter,” said Patti Podgers, curator/manager. “We have been in contact with two of the second keeper’s great-granddaughters, and they have been generous in sharing information about their ancestor William Duclon. New information helps us freshen up our tours.”

“We are also introducing theme tours later in the season. There are so many aspects of life in the lighthouse during the late 1800s that have not been explored, and our goal this year will be to explore specifics related to the lighthouse. History should be living, interesting to all age groups,” emphasized Podgers.

The museum will be open on Memorial Day Weekend and beginning June 1 will be open daily, 10 am – 4 pm, through October 21. Located within Peninsula State Park, a state park sticker is required for parking at the lighthouse.

For more information, call Podgers at 920.495.7330 or 920.421.3636.