Early Birders Club Visit Wildlife Wizardy Studio

The Ridges Sanctuary’s Early Birders Club will tour the gallery of national award-winning taxidermist Mike Orthober on Feb. 11 at 10 am. Wildlife Wizardry Studio is located at 6453 Oak Road, just off Bay Shore Drive in Egg Harbor. Following the tour, participants will head outdoors for some roadside birding.

Orthober has won many national and worldwide taxidermy awards, most recently “Best in World” for warm-water fish and “Second in World” for a non-game bird. Locally, his work is on display at the Door County Historical Museum.

The Early Birders program is for families with kids ages 6-11. Each monthly meeting includes birding activities, crafts, bird watching hikes, special guests, and more. For an annual fee of $15, each family receives a copy of Wild About Wisconsin Birds and a Door County bird checklist. The drop-in fee for the program is $5 per family.

The Ridges will also host a Geocaching Workshop & Treasure Hunt on Feb. 18 from 2 – 4 pm at the Ridges’ Marshall Cabin, located at 8288 Highway Q in Baileys Harbor. The workshop session will focus on what geocaching is and how this popular high-tech game got its start.

Following the workshop, attendees will seek out several caches hidden along the Sanctuary trails. Participants should bring their own GPS receivers, if possible, but some units are available for use during the workshop. The cost for the program is $15 per family; space is limited and pre-registration is required.

For more information call 920.839.2802 or visit