Ecology Sports Commits to Recyclable Window Displays

Known for its eco-friendly clothing, Ecology Sports, located at 10740 N. Bay Shore Drive, Sister Bay, is taking its awareness of promoting a healthy planet one step further with a new commitment to creating window displays with recycled materials. The latest display of birch branches and falling leaves is made from cardboard boxes shipped to the store.

The corrugated paper material was rolled to create branch shapes and then the paper backing peeled back to reveal the texture beneath, simulating the look of birch bark. Hot glue, which is considered recyclable, was used to adhere leaves and twigs cut out of the cardboard.

According to store owner Alicia Kersebet, the cardboard branches made by the store’s marketing manager, Kay McKinley, provide more than a backdrop to the fall lines. “The displays provide an invitation to customers to not only step inside the store, but to think of the possibilities of recycling,” she said.

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