Eddie Smith and Tommy Burroughs Bring “”Soul Country” to Lost Moth Gallery

Tommy Burroughs and Eddie Smith

Eddie Smith and Tommy Burroughs are performing at Lost Moth Gallery on July 25 for a limited seating show. This is a chance to hear Burroughs and Smith up close and personal in a cozy art setting. As usual, they will delight the audience with their vocal harmonies, lightening speed mandolin, guitar and fiddle playing and fabulous, original bluegrass/country tunes. They say of their music, “If you close your eyes you can feel the Cadillac ride, and smell the cotton fields.” Smith and Burroughs call their brand of music “soul country.” There will be drinks and snacks available and guests may bring their own wine.

Tickets are $20 and only 30 tickets are available. Lost Moth Gallery is located at 7975 Highway 42, Egg Harbor. Call 920.495.2928 for ticket reservations.