Eddings Fires a Soda Kiln

Jimmy Eddings stokes the soda kiln he helped build at Clay on Steele.

When Jimmy Eddings came to Clay on Steele he shared 15 years ceramic arts experience to the Algoma community. Arguably the most unique of those talents is his expertise building and firing soda kilns.

Last November, Eddings and Keith Carter, Artists in Residence at Clay on Steele, built a soda kiln out of nonfunctioning electric kilns. The process of soda firing is long and intense; it takes nearly eight hours to reach the right temperature and stoke the kiln with “soda logs” at strategic times throughout the firing.

Soda logs are thin pieces of wood coated with a mixture of soda ash and sawdust. The places where the salt melts, creates an array of organic textures and colors on the pottery.

Eddings and Carter have fired the soda kiln more than 15 times leaving Clay on Steele students and studio artists with forms unique to this laborious process.

Eddings will leave Clay On Steel in August to serve as a professor in the ceramic and graphic arts program at the University of Wisconsin –Whitewater. He has been a great asset to Clay on Steel as a teacher, manager, potter and kiln builder. Carter will remain as the Artist In Residence teaching, creating and managing the studio.

Wheel throwing and hand-building classes are available.

Clay on Steele is located at 221 Steele St. in Algoma. For more information visit or call 920.487.3501.