Edgewood Orchard’s 40th Anniversary Season Opens with “A Tribute to Peninsula State Park”

“Memory of Weborg’s Marsh” by Robert Ekholm.

Edgewood Orchard Galleries will be celebrating the beginning of its 40th Anniversary season on Saturday, May 2 with an Opening Day Reception from 10 am – 5 pm. The public is invited to visit the gallery and enjoy refreshments as they view a very special group show featuring original artwork inspired by Peninsula State Park.

The Peninsula State Park exhibit at Edgewood Orchard Galleries is the first of a series of special events planned throughout the summer in Door County to celebrate the state park’s 100-year anniversary. The Edgewood show is a culmination of over 18 months of cooperative planning efforts between staff and volunteers at Peninsula State Park, gallery owners Nell and J.R. Jarosh, and many local, regional and nationally known artists represented by Edgewood Orchard Galleries.

“Peninsula Park Necklace” by Ingrid Regula.

After discussions in late 2007 between Nell, J.R. and Park Naturalist Kathleen Harris, it was decided that Edgewood Orchard would host a group show of Peninsula State Park inspired artwork to open the 2009 gallery season and kick-off the string of other special events the Centennial Committee was working on. In early 2008, over 100 of informational packets were mailed to the painters, potters, jewelers and sculptors represented at Edgewood Orchard Galleries, inviting the artists to visit Peninsula State Park during 2008 and search for places that inspire them.

The artists’ response to the invitation was tremendous, as dozens of Edgewood Orchard’s artists made trips to Door County last spring, summer and fall to spend time hiking, camping, photographing and painting in the park. The artists involved in this show have worked through the winter months finishing paintings or ideas for paintings that began in the park and have produced an amazing collection of original artwork that comprise the gallery’s first exhibit of the 2009 season, “A Tribute to Peninsula State Park.” The exhibit will be on display in the main floor of the gallery’s fruit barn from Saturday, May 2 through Tuesday, June 9.

“Path in the Park” by Karen Cook.

Throughout the day during the May 2 Opening Day Reception (and also from 4 – 7 pm on Saturday, May 23 during the gallery’s Memorial Day Weekend Reception) representatives from Peninsula State Park will be at the gallery to provide visitors information about the park and the centennial events that are going on throughout the summer months.

Edgewood Orchard Galleries is located at 4140 Peninsula Players Road, two blocks east of Hwy. 42 between Egg Harbor and Fish Creek. After opening on May 2, the gallery will be open daily from 10 am – 5 pm through Sunday, November 1.

For more information, call 920.868.3579, email [email protected] or visit