Editor’s Note: Dads Are Cool, Too

Readers may recall our herculean effort to honor moms for Mother’s Day. I call it “herculean” because we put out a call for people to describe their moms in six words, believing maybe a few people would bite. I was wrong about the number of submitters, and we all paid for my huge miscalculation. 

Trying to wrangle that piece together with all its different parts, and then cajole the open space needed within these pages was, for those in our employee village, a difficult ask. They produce this paper week in, week out, and not as in “grind it out,” but in a way that motivates and dazzles me – every. single. week.

The hardest tasks are wiped from our memories even before the blood, sweat and tears dry. That’s an evolutionary necessity, I think. Otherwise, we’d never again move into a new home or have another child. 

Our Mother’s Day piece was not one of those. As wonderful as it turned out to be, replication for Father’s Day was not possible knowing what we know now, and further complicated by the time of year and available resources.

Sorry, dads.

This in no way reflects our feelings about fathers, however, either our own or in general, and we don’t favor moms above dads – well, we did this year, but see above – and believe that dads are just as cool in their different-from-mom ways.

Few people have influenced me as my father has done, for example. He has been there unwaveringly throughout my entire life, dispensing support, love, intelligence, advice and humor. He’s mellowed with age, grown more reflective, but that only makes him seem wiser. And he continues to inspire me, showing me by example that the only true hurdles life puts up are those we don’t allow our minds to leap across. 

A few weeks ago, he drove with my stepmom 12 hours round trip to visit us. He wanted to see me, for sure, but his real purpose was to build us a barn door to cover an unsightly closet space. He also wanted to see and experience just about everything Door County has to offer – and he’ll be 80 years old this June.

I’m quite sure I’m not alone in being able to talk at length about my dad, even if we at the paper haven’t honored dads in the same way we honored moms.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. Thanks for being a cool parent, too.