Editor’s Note: No Political Letters and a Short Deadline

Our Letters to the Editor page this week looks very different from those of previous weeks. That’s because we don’t allow political letters in the issue immediately prior to an election.

This practice is a tradition in the newspaper industry and, we believe, a good one to keep. If a letter contained a mistake or false information about a candidate or election issue – despite our best efforts to prevent those – we would need time to correct it before the election. We can’t correct the record if that letter is published in the issue prior to the election.

Another thing to point out is our short deadline coming up for what would normally be the Nov. 11 issue of the Peninsula Pulse. Nov. 11 is Veterans Day, so our paper must be sent to the printer on the Monday rather than the Wednesday prior to Nov. 11. This means it will arrive back here in Door County on Tuesday instead of Thursday next week – and Tuesday, Nov. 8, is Election Day.

This means that your Nov. 11 issue of the Pulse cannot contain election results, but we will have them online at after the polls close. 

Happy Election Day, everyone. May the best men and women win.