Egg Harbor Approves Conditions for Condo Development

The Village of Egg Harbor’s Plan Commission approved the proposal for the Village View Residences condominium and retail project Aug. 18. 

The project includes 14 residences and two retail units on the parcel where Mueller’s Mini Mart now stands. The village included several conditions on the project as part of the conditional use permit, including a bond to ensure that funds will be available should the project not be completed. 

Those funds would be available to the village to raze and landscape the parcel if the project stalls. Also included are requirements for a stormwater management plan, blasting permits and a blasting insurance policy, and an environmental impact statement. It also requires a restrictive covenant securing the shared use of parking between the old Birnschein Garage property and the adjoining Mueller’s Mini Mart property. Any changes to the project plan will require approval by the plan commission. 

A rendering of the scaled down proposal for the Village View Shoppes and Residences. The development would replace Mueller’s Mini Mart.

Developer Mike Schwantes will need to make his case to the village’s Zoning Board of Appeals to get permission for one aspect of the plan: Schwantes hopes to include an elevator shaft to allow access to a rooftop deck to people with disabilities. The shaft would exceed the village’s height limit of 35 feet, however – a concession that could not be made in a conditional use permit. 

The board of appeals has not been convened in at least five years, so the village will need to appoint new members to that board before it can meet. 

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