Egg Harbor Delays County G Paving

The county will postpone repaving of County Hwy G between the Alpine Golf Club and Hwy 42 at the request of the Village of Egg Harbor. The village made the request because it has applied for a federal grant to extend and redesign a pedestrian path that would connect sidewalks along Hwy 42 to the bird trail that runs along County G.

The project requires purchasing a small portion of land adjacent to Shipwrecked Brew Pub.

Village Administrator Ryan Heise said he originally expected word on the grant this summer, but it may not come through until October. The $1.25 million grant would cover 80 percent of the project that also includes extending village sidewalks from Patricia Shoppe to Chief Oshkosh on the south end of the village, and from County E to Church Street on the north end.

If the village is awarded the grant the funds would not be available until 2020.

The village is also investigating burying power lines on County G to allow for widened shoulders on the road that is heavily trafficked by vehicles and pedestrians traveling to and from the public beach. Initial estimates put the cost of that project at $2.2 million.

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