Egg Harbor Hosts Community Meetings on Library June 20

The Village of Egg Harbor, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Extension, will host a series of community meetings at the Egg Harbor Bertschinger Community Center, 7860 Hwy. 42, to discuss the Egg Harbor Library Community Center. The Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion is a public facility anticipated to be ready for public enjoyment by the first of the New Year. Two meetings will take place on June 20; one at 9 am and another at 6 pm. Join this community conversation to learn about the building and its many unique spaces and engage in a discussion on how the building can best serve your needs. What kind of programming might interest you? Are you part of a not-for-profit; how much do you think room rentals should be? What do you think the hours of operation should be? There will be brief presentations to kick off the meetings touching on libraries of the 21st century and general building design.

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