Egg Harbor Losing Part of Its Charm

I am writing in regard to your Nov. 3, 2017, article, “Property Manager Hired for Egg Harbor Community Center.” As an Egg Harbor taxpayer and part-time resident I am saddened by the erection of the Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion. An idyllic village with a population of 201 didn’t need a $6.5 million facility ($1.5 million of which will need to be footed by village taxpayers) to foster activities like paper crafting and 3-D printing. Tourists are drawn to Door County to participate in diversions they don’t have at home, like hiking, camping, boating and fishing. The sound of the breezes through the birch trees now heard by residents and tourists didn’t need to be enhanced by “a kicking stereo system with two subwoofers” as the Egg Harbor Village Administrator, Ryan Heise, gleefully described it. It is apparent that the building’s architects didn’t take the surrounding area into consideration in their design process. Although across the road from a cherry orchard, it resembles an airplane hangar with windows. The plan was all about obtaining a view that would be used to attract moneymaking events like weddings, business conferences and bridge tournaments. So it’s surprising, as was stated in the article, that the view from the second floor is much better than anyone anticipated. It remains to be seen what kind of neighbor the pavilion will be. Hopefully village residents won’t be subjected to bright lights, music and revelry emerging from private events at the building. Shame on whoever OK’d this boondoggle. You have taken away one more piece of charm from our village.


Ken Karlo

Egg Harbor, Wis. and Western Springs, Ill.

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