Egg Harbor Marina Announces Addition of SailAnyWay

Mike Stapleton of SailAnyWay,Inc. trains Egg Harbor Marina staff on how to use the new lift.

The Egg Harbor Marina announces the addition of programming and equipment to support sailing enthusiasts of all abilities. Mike Stapleton, U.S. Sailing Certified Instructor and founder of SailAnyWay, Inc., felt compelled to get would-be sailors with limited mobility out on the water, solo.

SailAnyWay uses boats specially designed to resist capsizing and outfitted with steering mechanisms.

Modifications were made at the marina, including the installation of sleeves underneath the decking to support a lift. Mike Cole, owner of Iron Works Construction, completed this installation and donated his services to fabricate one of the lift mechanisms.

Egg Harbor Marina Manager Nicole Krauel has been busy training her staff on how to use the new lift.

“We’ve seen the need for this project and understand the value of Mike’s programming – now we have the facility to make it happen,” said Krauel.

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