Egg Harbor, Sturgeon Bay to Consider Advisory Marijuana Referendum

Last November, nearly 1 million Wisconsin voters across the state voted in favor of medical and recreational marijuana. On April 2, voters in the Village of Egg Harbor and the City of Sturgeon Bay will also have the opportunity to register their thoughts on the plant. Both municipalities are asking voters about medical and recreational marijuana for adults in nonbinding referenda. The two questions are also on the ballot for voters in Wood County.

Gov. Tony Evers, a cancer survivor elected in November, said it is time for Wisconsin to join nearly 30 other states and the District of Columbia in legalizing medical marijuana. In addition, Evers said he would support a statewide referendum on recreational use and establish an expungement procedure for those who have completed their sentence or probation for possession of marijuana.

The November vote found the following counties and municipalities voting in favor of medical marijuana:

Brown County: 75.6 percent

City of Racine: 87.7 percent

City of Waukesha: 76.6 percent

Clark County: 67.1 percent

Forest County: 78.7 percent

Kenosha County: 85.5 percent

Langlade County: 77.3 percent

Lincoln County: 80.8 percent

Marathon County: 81.6 percent

Marquette County: 77.6 percent

Portage County: 83 percent

Racine County: 84.8 percent

Sauk County: 80 percent

Those voting in favor of the recreational use of marijuana by adults included:

City of Racine: 66.3 percent

Dane County: 76.4 percent

Eau Claire County: 63.4 percent

La Crosse County: 63.3 percent

Milwaukee County: 69.6 percent

Racine County: 60.2 percent

Rock County: 69.2 percent