Egg Harbor to Formulate Marina Plan Today

At last night’s village board meeting, Egg Harbor trustees discussed the next step for its embattled marina proposal. The project stalled when it was voted down in a May 26 referendum, but a citizens group led by Bob Doneff and Steve Schaefer (who voted against the previous proposal) is working on a plan they think will earn voter approval.

Reducing the scope and taxpayer burden of the marina is their main objective, Schaefer said.

That group will meet at 2 pm today at the Village Hall, and if they come up with a feasible plan, Nancy Fisher said the board would be willing to hold an emergency meeting before the end of the week to come up with referendum language in hopes of holding another vote before the end of July.

Bill Brose, of JJR engineers, said last night that the working plan of the group is significantly different than what was previously proposed. That means it would likely require a new permitting process and further engineering.

All citizens are invited to attend today’s meeting.