Egg Harbor Town Board Voted Not to Support Lower Speed Limit on Section of Highway T

• The Egg Harbor Town Board voted not to support a lower speed limit on a section of County Highway T. The Village of Egg Harbor requested the Door County Highway Department lower the speed limit to 35 mph from the current 55 mph between Division Street and State Highway 42. The committee is considering lowering the speed limit on County Highway T from State Highway 42 to 4574 County Highway T, which would extend outside the village and into the town, and the committee sought the Town of Egg Harbor’s input before making a decision.

“There’s not enough history to justify changing it,” Supervisor Dave Enigl said at the Egg Harbor Town Board meeting.

The Village of Egg Harbor initiated the speed limit change this winter.

“The issue is once you get into the village there are more driveways and more intersections,” said village administrator Josh Van Lieshout. “The village board of trustees felt that [the speed limit] was too high.”

John Kolodziej, county highway commissioner, said the highway committee will likely not pursue extending the speed limit change into the township, and will discuss the issue at its next meeting on July 15.

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