Egg Harbor Updates Vacation-Rental Rules

The Egg Harbor Board of Trustees has approved an update to regulations on tourist rooming houses such as Airbnbs, Vrbos and other vacation rentals. 

All such rentals must be licensed by the State Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection; the Village of Egg Harbor; and the Door County Tourism Zone Commission. They must also hold a Village business license. Additionally, owners/operators must either live within 75 miles of the rental during the periods when it’s being rented, or they must appoint a resident agent within 25 miles of the village. 

Village President John Heller said there’s a growing concern in the community about the impact of short-term vacation rentals.

“There is a concern, or perception, that the situation is creating a potential nuisance in residential areas,” Heller said. “This is perceived perhaps as a way of addressing that.”

The update also brings vacation rentals in line with lodging facilities in other areas, including a limit on the number of occupants in a dwelling unit. It also disallows the use of recreational vehicles such as RVs, campers or tents to provide additional accommodations for paying guests on the premises. 

Egg Harbor is one of many municipalities in Door County that is discussing updates to regulations on short-term vacation rentals, including licensing, fees and length of stay.

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