Election Results: County board sees turnover

The Door County Board of Supervisors will get a slightly different look next month as it heads into tumultuous waters. Just days after the board removed Administrator Mike Serpe, three established incumbents — Leroy Liebe, Patrick Olson and Paul DeWitt — lost their bids for re-election. In addition, new supervisors Susan Kohout and Dave Enigl will take over seats that opened when office-holders chose not to run for re-election.

In Liberty Grove, a tie for second place between MaryKay Shumway and Kubie Luchterhand won’t be settled until next week. The town is waiting for seven absentee ballots. If those arrive by Friday and are post-marked by the correct date they will be counted. The board of canvassers meets Monday and if the result is confirmed as a tie the winner will be settled with a coin toss.

Winners are in italics. (I) indicates incumbent candidates.

County Board

• District 3

Roy Englebert, 198

Patrick Olson (I), 196

• District 4

Mark Feurstein, 142

Leroy Liebe (I), 121

• District 5

Tim O’Connor, 225

Paul DeWitt (I), 187

• District 6

Susan Kohout, 164

Tim Dawidiuk, 141

• District 14

Leo Zipperer, 222

JoAnn Schley, 122

• District 15

Richard Virlee (I), 189

Kevin Wilke, 143

Liberty Grove Town Supervisor

Robert Tidball (I), 414

MaryKay Shumway, 273

Kubi Luchterhand, 273

Ann Miller (I), 234

Washington Island Town Supervisor

Kirby Foss, 329

Elizabeth Holmes (I), 193

Ron Overdahl (I), 151

Village of Egg Harbor Trustee

Paula Cashin (I), 46

Bruce Hill (I), 51

Joe Smith, 44

Village of Forestville Trustee

Lora Jorgensen, 78

David Miller (I), 68

Robert Jahnke (I) 71

Sturgeon Bay City Council

• District 2

Ron Vandertie (I), 262

Cindy Weber, 136

• District 4

Rick Wiesner, 65

Ken Fisher, 47

Southern Door School Board

Polly Alberts, 1,179

Chuck Bretl, 819

Dawn Starr (I), 761

Lori Sampo (I), 656

Sturgeon Bay School Board

Amy Stephens, 1,183

Keith Miller (I), 973

Julie Hathaway (I), 937

Steve Vankirk (I), 844

Richard Stuewer, 837

Baileys Harbor Treasurer Referendum

Yes, 174

No, 108

Washington Island School Referendum

Yes, 268

No, 150

Republican Presidential Primary

Mitt Romney, 2,340

Rick Santorum, 1,937

Ron Paul, 614

Newt Gingrich, 341