‘Ellie’s Kitchen’ a Hit with NDCC Children

The Ellie Helm Foundation was established following the untimely death of young Door County native Ellie Helm in September 2017. The Helm Family chose to start the foundation to both honor their daughter’s memory and to promote causes that were important to her.

Helm attended Northern Door Children’s Center (NDCC) as a child, and as a young adult, she was a supporter of educational opportunities for all children.

The Ellie Helm Foundation recently provided the funding to create “Ellie’s Kitchen,” a specially designed, outdoor dramatic play space on the NDCC playground. It was built with the assistance of NDCC parents and prominently marked with a sign made in Helm’s favorite color, pink, and includes Ellie’s signature.

The “mud kitchen” allows children of all ages and abilities to enjoy pretend kitchen play with sand, water, a variety of kitchen equipment, and generous counter space. In addition, children can serve and enjoy a “meal” together on the hand-built table and tree stump chairs.

NDCC recently completed and debuted Ellie’s Kitchen and it is extremely popular. The Board of Directors, staff, families and especially the children of Northern Door Children’s Center are deeply grateful to the Ellie Helm Foundation for the generous donation that made “Ellie’s Kitchen” a reality.

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