Ellison Bay’s Christmas Tree Uses “All-Green” Lights

(Left to right) Ellison Bay Service Club members Ron Klimaitis, Dan Peterson, Lee Telfer, and Gary Kemp “plant” Ellison Bay’s 27-foot spruce Christmas tree, donated by Paul and Lynn Haas.

Ellison Bay’s Christmas tree will be illuminated this year by energy-efficient Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The Ellison Bay Service Club, sponsor of the annual Christmas tree lighting, is providing the LEDs as one of its efforts to protect and beautify the environment.

LEDs are semiconductors that convert electrical energy directly into light, not heat, thus cutting energy consumption. This, in turn, reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. LEDs use no mercury or other toxic materials, and they are recyclable. With an expected service life of 35 years or more, they also save lots of money. And since they emit a variety of colors (not just green), Ellison Bay’s Christmas tree will be colorful for decades to come.

For more information call Jan Jenkins at 920.854.2621 or Bob Murray at 920.421.1753.