Embattled Jacksonport Campground Owners Buy Fish Creek Campground

Fish Creek Campground is under the new ownership of the Lauritzen family as of Nov. 21.

The Lauritzens are the family that proposed an RV campground on farmland property they own in Jacksonport and that is being challenged in court by some Jacksonport residents.

“We’re still going for it,” said Cary Lauritzen about the Jacksonport campground. “We’ve got too much money and time stuck into it.”

His wife, Cheri, who inherited the Jacksonport land from her family, said it has been a frustrating time for the family, but they are in for the long haul.

“We were told the lawsuit could take anywhere from 18 months to two years,” she said. “There would be no way anything would even start earlier than 2020, unless something happens before that. It’s very frustrating after two long years of hard work trying to put everything together, and having it to scale and getting shot down. I still don’t understand why they think it’s going to be a big party place and destroy everything in Jacksonport.”

She said the family was camping at Fish Creek Campground earlier this year when they learned it was for sale.

“This is a good stepping stone for us,” she said. “We can get in, manage Fish Creek and be more prepared.”

The Lauritzens already have a plan in place for what Cary referred to as “a little TLC” at Fish Creek Campground.

“We’re going to do some updating, some tree trimming, maybe some updating on the roads, redo the camp store. Those are the big things for right now. We’ll work on the inside this winter and wait for spring to open.”

The Lauritzens bought the campground from a trio of men that bought the former Path of Pines Campground in a foreclosure sale in 2010, which included Josh Kropuenske, owner of Baileys Grove Campground.

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