Emergency Response Fund Opens Assistance Program to Arts, Environmental and Historical Groups

The Door County Emergency Response Fund (ERF) invites all arts,  environmental and historical groups, as well as other nonprofits that are incurring COVID-19-related expenses to join human-service charities in seeking assistance

The Door County Community Foundation and United Way of Door County have begun addressing the third priority of ERF’s work: providing support for nonprofit organizations whose long-term viability has been threatened. 

Examples of efforts that are newly eligible for assistance include upgrading HVAC systems, installing Plexiglas around workstations, buying masks and hand sanitizers, or purchasing webcams for remote programming. 

Nonprofit organizations may apply for reimbursement for COVID-19-related projects that have already been implemented, but requests for projects that have not yet occurred will be given the highest priority. Decisions about immediate unmet needs are typically available within a week. Faith-based nonprofits do not qualify for direct support under ERF’s third priority, but they are welcome to apply under its second priority. Email [email protected] to learn more.

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