Emerging Artist Stephen Wysocki joins The Flying Pig Gallery

Influenced by the Color Field Movement, color is critical to Stephen Wysocki’s paintings. Where most painters begin with a white canvas, he begins with a bright color such as red or orange. His signature use of vibrant colors along with precise and textural brush strokes, work in tandem to help him achieve his overall goal to always create a mood or an atmosphere in his work.

Wysocki’s subject matter is typically close to home and heart – his favorite local buildings, barns, buffalos, and landscapes. As James Hogan mentions in a review of Stephen’s work, “he reconnects us to Americana, to small-town and rural landscapes and artifacts, to the declining small-town and rural America from which the population and wealth continue to spill. But he makes us see, with a touch of bittersweetness – and certainly and apparent love on his behalf – what we still have and what we cling to.”

The Flying Pig Gallery and Greenspace, open 9 am – 6 pm daily, is located at N6975 State Highway 42 in Algoma. For more information call 920.487.9902 or email [email protected].