Emmett Johns Commissioned for Hardy Raffle

Now in its fourth year, The Hardy Gallery’s fundraising raffle is pleased to have commissioned legendary Door County artist Emmett Johns to produce a one-of-a-kind work that depicts the iconic graffiti-covered barn on Anderson Dock. Johns’s piece, “One Still Moment in Time,” is oil-on-canvas, framed and valued at $3,600. The painting will be displayed in the gallery for the duration of the exhibit season, with tickets currently on sale at the gallery until Oct. 9.

In addition, The Hardy is pleased to present its Art from the Heart Partner, Peninsula Preschool, for a second year in a row. Through Art from the Heart, an initiative launched in 2009, The Hardy works in partnership with a fellow (local) nonprofit to bring greater awareness of the respective organizations to the public and support each other financially through mutual ticket sales. In return for a stake in the fundraiser, The Hardy gifts 50 percent of all sales made by the preschool back to the organization. For more information visit

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