EMRs Favor Merging Into BUG Fire Department

The possibility of two groups of emergency medical responders (EMRs) merging into the Brussels-Union-Gardner (BUG) Fire Department will be further looked at after 75% of the EMRs who cast secret ballots favored the idea, said BUG Fire Chief Curt Vandertie.

There currently is a group of EMRs in the Town of Gardner and another in Brussels and Union, and out of the 21 EMRs able to vote on whether to combine the two EMR groups and place them under the leadership and direction of the BUG Fire Department and the BUG Fire Board, Vandertie said 15 voted ‘yes,’ five ‘no’ and one abstained.

He said the Brussels, Union and Gardner town boards all met last week and agreed to continue discussions regarding a possible merger and be able to work out the details, given the majority support among the EMRs.

Vandertie said the BUG Fire Board will have more discussion regarding the proposed merger at its April 17 meeting.

An EMR Committee – which consists of members of the BUG Fire Board, the three town boards, and chiefs and assistant chiefs of the fire department and EMR groups – has also been formed to consider a possible merger.