Encaustic Art Mixed with Barn Wood

Cappaert Contemporary Gallery welcomes encaustic artist Ingrid Blixt for the 2017 season. She currently resides in Michigan but was born in Romania. Her work is highly influenced by her study and training in the traditional arts and drawing in Romania.

After moving to the states Blixt started exploring the encaustic medium and eventually started a series of embedded encaustics in reclaimed barn wood. This series titled, “Hiding Places,” are made by carving a depression in the barn wood, a hiding place, and using encaustic paints to embed the images in the wood. The organic, earthy feel of the wood grain complements wonderfully the softness and translucency of the beeswax and the light lines, scratches and drawings on the surface of the encaustic match the weathered look of the barn wood.

Cappaert Contemporary Gallery is located at 7901 Hwy 42, Egg Harbor. The gallery is open 10 am – 5 pm daily through October. For more information visit

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