End of Season Playlist

Every summer, Door County has a remarkable amount of live music. You can find it pretty much anywhere you look, every single day. If you’re like me, you spent way too much time at the Garage at Husby’s, but that’s beside the point.

I myself, the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Arts and Entertainment Intern here at the Pulse, have researched much of what music comes to the Door Peninsula. I’ve watched an insane amount of YouTube videos, read an ungodly amount of band bios and have interviewed both local musicians and those we host. I’m not joking when I say I have headphones in for eight hours a day.

So, to commemorate this summer’s eclectic batch of tunes, and also my first magical summer here, I’ve put together a playlist highlighting some of the best of the music the county hosted this summer.

Disclaimer:  Please keep in mind that I have chosen to include musicians whose music is featured on Spotify in order to create a concise playlist in one location, and also because some of the musicians that have graced our stages do not have music available for streaming.


End of Season Playlist

  1. “Make It Sweeter” – The Go Rounds
  2. “Devil’s Crosshairs” – Ginstrings
  3. “Carl Sagan” – Night Moves
  4. “Cosmic Beings” – Abby Jeanne
  5. “California” – The Delta Saints
  6. “We’re Not Okay” – Genevieve Heyward
  7. “Lost” – Bassel & the Supernaturals
  8. “Mending the Fence” – The Lil’ Smokies
  9. “Happy to be Home” – Skerryvore, feat. Sharon Shannon
  10. “I Am Eve (I Am the Reason)” – Harpeth Rising
  11. “Bitter Sweet” – Rock Bottom String Band
  12. “Dim Star of the Palisades” – Birds of Chicago
  13. “10 ft. Tall” – Them Coulee Boys
  14. “Rick James’ Mother” – Feed the Dog
  15. “Right Time” – Nikki Lane

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