Energy Experts on Propane Planning

Energy experts are advising consumers to plan ahead for their propane needs this winter by looking at options now and buying early. To assist Wisconsin consumers, the Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP) is offering a new fact sheet explaining propane options, including questions to ask when comparing offers.

“Propane suppliers offer a wide variety of pricing agreements and delivery options, and consumers are more likely to get a better price when they buy early,” said Sandy Chalmers, administrator of Trade and Consumer Protection. “Research options, ask questions, and get everything in writing.”

The new DATCP fact sheet includes background on common delivery options and pricing structures to help consumers weigh their options when buying propane. It also includes key questions for the consumer to ask, aimed at allowing the consumer to compare contracts. Download the fact sheet from the DATCP website ( or request a copy by mail by calling 800.422.7128.