Enjoy – But Take Care – When Snowmobiling

Wisconsin offers some of the best snowmobiling opportunities around, especially in the northern part of the state. 

Fourteen people have died while snowmobiling in Wisconsin this season, and there were 16 snowmobile fatalities in 2019. February is often the deadliest month for snowmobilers; there have been six snowmobile fatalities so far this February. Alcohol, excessive speed, driver inexperience and operator error are the leading causes of these fatalities.

“Safe snowmobiling means you must operate within your specific capabilities, operate at safe following distances when riding with others, and utilize appropriate speeds for the terrain and of course whether it is daylight or night riding conditions,” said DNR Conservation Warden Lt. Martin Stone.

Follow these tips to ride responsibly: Don’t drink and ride; slow down; carry a first-aid kit; dress appropriately for the weather and temperature; avoid frozen rivers and lakes; stay on marked trails; never travel alone; and consider taking a snowmobile safety course.

The DNR does not monitor conditions and suggests snowmobilers contact local fishing clubs, snowmobile clubs or outfitters to inquire about snowmobiling conditions.

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