Enroll in 2020 Conservation Reserve Program by Feb. 28

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reminds agricultural producers to enroll in the 2020 Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) by Feb. 28. This sign-up is available to farmers and private landowners who are enrolling for the first time or reenrolling for another 10- to 15-year term.

Farmers and ranchers who enroll in CRP receive yearly rental payments for voluntarily establishing long-term, resource-conserving plant species such as approved grasses or trees that can control soil erosion, improve water quality and develop wildlife habitat on marginally productive agricultural lands.

The CRP continuous sign-up is ongoing, which enables producers to enroll for certain practices. FSA plans to open the Soil Health and Income Protection Program, a CRP pilot program, in early 2020; and the 2020 CRP grasslands sign-up runs March 16 – May 15, 2020.

To enroll in CRP, contact your local FSA county office or visit To locate your local FSA office, visit