Enter Raffle for Emmett Johns Painting

Peninsula Preschool is excited to announce the second-year partnership with The Hardy Gallery as part of the “Art from the Heart” raffle. This summer, Peninsula Preschool and The Hardy Gallery are selling raffle tickets to win an original painting by well-known Door County artist Emmett Johns.

Johns’s painting is titled “One Still Moment in Time,” and it beautifully captures Anderson Dock, an iconic Ephraim landmark. The painting is valued at $3,600. Johns is a beloved and talented local artist who strives to find connections that express the essence of a person or place.

As a nonprofit organization, the preschool’s fundraising accounts for half of their annual budget. In mutual beneficence, The Hardy Gallery will graciously donate 50 percent of ticket sales sold by Peninsula Preschool back to the organization. Tickets will be sold for $5 for one ticket or $20 for five tickets. The drawing is Oct. 11 at 1 pm at The Hardy Gallery; the winner need not be present to win. For more raffle information, email [email protected] or call 920.854.2112.

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