• Framed: Jacksonport Thanksgiving Day Parade

    It was an all-ABBA party at the start of the 2019 Jacksonport Thanksgiving Day parade. Photo by Len Villano.

  • Framed: Write On, Door County Book Journaling

    Grace Johnson (third from left), special issues editor for the Peninsula Pulse, leads Write On, Door County members in a session about book journaling during one of the organization’s quarterly programs. Photo by Katie Smullen.

  • Framed: Hilander Ice Rink Opens

    Kids started gearing up for the winter season during the ice-rink kickoff and bonfire Nov. 16 at the Teresa K. Hilander Community Ice Rink in Sister Bay. Photo by Len Villano.

  • Framed: The Ice Trees of Ephraim

    A youngster inspects a marvelous ice formation on the shore in Ephraim, where the ice-laden trees have been big hits with photographers. Photo by Tad Dukehart.

  • Framed: Frederic Will and Joan Korb

    (From left) Frederic Will and Joan Korb hold up a Peninsula Pulse in Bran, Transylvania – a region in central Romania – during a visit at Halloween time. Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) stayed there. Submitted. 

  • Framed: Grace Johnson and Suzanne Metzel

    The Door County Brewing Co. Taproom & Music Hall held its annual Halloween party Oct. 26. (From left) Grace Johnson (the Peninsula Pulse’s very own special issues editor) and Suzanne Metzel won both the duo category and the best costume overall for their take on the iconic alien looks from Mars Attacks.

  • Framed: Fred & Fuzzy’s Bike Pedal Bar and Grill

    Fred and Fuzzy’s Pedal Bar and Grill entertained and impressed the crowd during Sister Bay’s Fall Fest parade Oct. 19. Photo by Len Villano.

  • Framed: Pumpkin Patch 2019

    The dropping temperature didn’t stop the fun at Egg Harbor’s Pumpkin Patch Festival last weekend. Photo by Len Villano.

  • Framed: Homecoming Preparations at Northern Haus

    The Northern Haus event venue in Sister Bay – coordinating with McEvoy’s Culinaria – hosted a group of Gibraltar High School students before their Homecoming dance. They used the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s rooms to get dressed and do their hair and makeup. Scott McEvoy’s daughter, Mila, said that getting ready and taking photos at Northern Haus and […]

  • Framed: Ruonan and Jane

    International students Ruonan and Jane enjoy a sunset in Ellison Bay.

  • Framed: The Smiling Barn

    A smiling barn overlooking an orchard on the corner of Mill and Center roads in Forestville. Photo by Jim Lundstrom.

  • Framed: Peter Boice and Bob Brandriff

    Peter Boice (left) and Bob Brandriff share a moment with their dogs on the side of a Door County road in the early 1970s. Boice is holding his dog, Moon; and Brandriff is getting affection from his dogs, Freddy and Facha. Photo by Fritz Renner.

  • Framed: The Hawkers

    Granddaughters MaKayla and Abby Hawker pose at Baileys Harbor Beach on the last day of summer vacation. Photo by Beckie Hawker.

  • Framed: Sunflower Maze

    (Clockwise from little girl) Charlotte Leroy, Erica Sampo, Sylvia Sampo, Abby Gallenberger, Tina Leroy, Lori Sampo, Ashley Leroy, Carmen Sampo and Brianna Sampo stop for a photo while walking in the sunflower maze at Wienke’s Market on County S between Sturgeon Bay and Algoma. Photo by Len Villano. 

  • Framed: Henry Yanda

    After coming up empty and having to watch his mother catch a fish the day before, Henry Yanda, 11, of Sacramento, California, caught his first fish off the dock in Ephraim Aug. 6, the final day of his summer vacation. Photo by Kathy Yanda. 

  • Framed: Turkey Vultures

    A wake of turkey vultures in Egg Harbor. Photo by Jim Lundstrom.

  • Framed: Jessa and Jackson Varney

    Jessa and Jackson Varney in a field of wild daisies on County A. Submitted by their dad, David Varney. 

  • Framed: Gunnar Kalms, July 19, 2019

    Gunnar Kalms sits at the wheel of a fire truck during the FFA Dairy Breakfast in Valmy on July 7. Submitted. 


    Joanne Surfus shared this photo of Paiden Surfus “gently looking at a monarch butterfly caterpillar in his grandma’s flower garden.”

  • Framed: Catholic Youth Expedition

    This is the summer’s first Catholic Youth Expeditions group: 42 high school expeditioners and 17 college-student staffers, from all over the Midwest and beyond, who participate in a retreat on Kangaroo Lake. This is the first of 10 summer expeditions. The missions? To camp, pray and hike. Photo by Fr. Quinn Mann.