Category: Manners Matter

  • Manners Matter: Neighbors Arriving

    Dear Mary Pat, I’m totally freaked out and annoyed. My neighbors have a second home here and have arrived already. They should have stayed in Florida. If I had their phone number, I would call them and give them a piece of my mind. Having more people here is putting us all at risk. Signed, […]

  • Manners Matter: Low on Funds

    Dear Mary Pat, I was supposed to see a concert in Green Bay at the end of April. It’s been rescheduled for mid-August, when I know I’ll be too busy to make it. They aren’t giving any refunds. I could really use that $70 right now because I’m out of work. Any suggestions?  Signed, Low […]

  • Manners Matter: Juggling It All

    Dear Mary Pat, My husband and I are finding it hard to juggle our work schedules (we’re both working remotely) while helping our three children with their schoolwork. I deliberately didn’t go back to work until my kids were old enough to be in school full time. They are obviously our first priority, but we […]

  • Manners Matter: Do Your Part to Slow Spread of COVID-19

    Dear Readers, This week certainly looks different than last week. A lot is changing due to COVID-19, and some are panicking. I’d like to remind everyone that although things seem to be spiraling out of control, we can all be doing our part in containing this virus. Please heed the warnings that have come from […]

  • Manners Matter: Saving for College, Not Spring Break

    Dear Mary Pat, I’m a junior in college, and my friends want me to go to Florida on spring break. I would love to go, but it’s not even close to being in my budget. My friends say that they can loan me the money, but I don’t feel comfortable with that. I also need […]

  • Manners Matter: Panicking about the Future

    Dear Mary Pat, I own a small lodging establishment in Fish Creek, and I’m really worried about this upcoming season. We have a road construction project scheduled for all of spring, and then there’s the coronavirus, which will most likely impede some of my hotel supplies coming in from overseas, and then it’s also an […]

  • Manners Matter: Caring for an Ailing Friend

    Dear Mary Pat, My friend has been struggling with lots of health issues during the last couple of months, and they still don’t know what’s wrong with her. I know she’s frustrated and doesn’t want to talk about each and every doctor appointment, but I don’t want her to think that I don’t care by […]

  • Manners Matter: Stop Communicating with Old Boyfriend

    Dear Mary Pat, My husband is jealous that I still communicate with my high school boyfriend on Facebook. He didn’t really have an issue with it until he realized that “Joe” is recently divorced. My hubby is not the jealous type, and he’s never shown any signs of insecurity in our relationship. I’m not interested […]

  • Manners Matter: Pause to Reflect after a Breakup

    Dear Mary Pat, My little sister’s boyfriend just broke up with her three days before Valentine’s Day, and she had gotten him a really expensive watch. She’s only 17 and still wants to give it to him because she says she lost the receipt. Personally, I think she’s hoping he will want to get back […]

  • Manners Matter: What’s All the Fuss about Valentine’s Day?

    Dear Mary Pat, My wife always wants me to make a fuss on Valentine’s Day. I think restaurants, jewelry stores and florists try way too hard to drain my wallet, and it’s kind of a made-up holiday. Why does my wife fall into this trap and have high expectations every year? After 22 years of […]

  • Manners Matter: Learning Table Manners

    Dear Mary Pat, My parents always want us to have family dinners together. With my after-school sports schedule, it’s not always possible. When I am there to share a meal with them, I feel like all they do is criticize: “Don’t scrape your teeth,” “Keep your elbows off the table,” “Don’t slurp your milk” and […]

  • Manners Matter: A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

    Dear Mary Pat, My wife asked me to go to the grocery store to get a very detailed list of items for an upcoming dinner party we’re hosting. I got everything she asked for on the list and waited for a thank-you. I didn’t get one. In fact, I got an eye roll when I […]

  • Manners Matter: Staying Motivated during the Winter

    MANNERS MATTER Dear Mary Pat, I get a little overwhelmed this time of year. I own a business and am working on finishing year-end for 2019 while starting to plan for the new season. Because most of my staff is seasonal, I don’t have my usual crew around me to keep me motivated. How do […]

  • Manners Matter: Germ Exposure in Public Places

    Dear Mary Pat, I’m back at the gym for the new year along with the rest of the county, and it feels great to be back in my routine. The only thing I don’t like about being back is being exposed to a few people coughing and sneezing. Why do people come to the gym […]

  • Manners Matter: Friend’s Silence Mystifies

    Dear Mary Pat, My best friend isn’t speaking to me at the moment. She got really upset about something that I supposedly said or did, but she won’t tell me what it is. I’ve called her, texted her and stopped by her house, but she won’t respond to me at all, and it’s been three […]

  • Manners Matter: Germaphobe

    Dear Mary Pat, My friend invited me and my child over for a playdate last weekend. When we got there, her son’s nose was running, and he was clearly sick. I was surprised that she hadn’t canceled. She was offended when I told her that I thought we should reschedule. I know you can’t keep […]

  • Manners Matter: Not Your Travel Agent

    Dear Mary Pat, We moved here a year ago from Madison, and we love it. We’re semi-retired, so our days are still very busy, and we’re surely never bored. The one thing I can’t seem to make time for is all of our friends back in Madison asking us frequently for recommendations on where they […]

  • Manners Matter: Family Ties

    Dear Mary Pat, My son wants to invite his girlfriend over for Christmas. They are 16 years old and have only been dating since Homecoming. I think at this point, I’d like to reserve Christmas for our family only. We’d like to get to know her better, but if she were to come over to […]

  • Manners Matter: Unrequited Christmas Presents

    Dear Mary Pat, I always find it uncomfortable when someone gets me a Christmas present and I don’t have a gift for them in return. The budget stretches only so far, and I feel a little overwhelmed thinking about getting gifts beyond my immediate family and close friends. What’s the cutoff? Where should your gift […]

  • Manners Matter: Cold-Weather Lethargy

    Dear Mary Pat, I always feel kind of blue this time of year. I don’t totally dislike cold weather, but somehow it’s always a shock to my system. I find it hard to keep motivated and feel kind of tired. Am I the only one out there who feels this way? Signed, Blah Humbug Dear […]