Ephraim Historical Foundation Expands Collection

This year, the Ephraim Historical Foundation (EHF) grew through adding numerous objects and archival materials to its collections, representing donors from five states; did an audit by reviewing approximately 6,000 collection objects and archival materials; and added 158 linear feet to storage space in Svalhus.

Of special note were three-plus hours of oral histories that were added following interviews with Ranny Nelson and James Ingwersen, resulting in 51 pages of transcribed material; and artist James Ingwersen donated two stunning portraits of prominent Ephraim artists, as well as a self-portrait.

Ten researchers visited the foundation to use the EHF archives, and 27 images from EHF collections were featured in outside research and publications.

Ephraim Historical Foundation
“Charles Peterson” by James Ingwersen, oil on board, c. 2010. Submitted.
Ephraim Historical Foundation
“Self-Portrait” by James Ingwersen, oil on board, c. 2015. Submitted.
Ephraim Historical Foundation
“Karsten Topelmann” by James Ingwersen, pastel on board, c. 1985. Submitted.

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