Ephraim to Discuss Premier Resort Area Tax

The Village of Ephraim will discuss implementing a Premier Resort Area Tax (PRAT) during its Nov. 10 meeting. The 0.5 percent sales tax would apply to almost everything that requires sales tax already, including sales at bars, restaurants, retail stores and hotels. Sister Bay voters approved a PRAT in 2018.

To institute a PRAT, the Ephraim village board would need to approve a referendum that would go before village voters. 

The villages of Sister Bay and Ephraim are the only two Door County municipalities that may enact a PRAT under Wisconsin Act 75, passed in 2011. Sturgeon Bay voters approved a PRAT in 2018, but it required approval by the Wisconsin Legislature to take effect. Rep. Joel Kitchens made a proposal for approval in 2019 that never made it to the Assembly floor for consideration.

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