Ephraim’s Lardiere Gallery Intertwines Art and Fashion

Scarf from the Lardiere Collection

Fashion has been considered a form of art since it’s inception, but rarely does a painting transcend beyond its museum walls or a collector’s home and onto an article of clothing to be enjoyed in a broader sense. This was the vision of established abstract artist Geoffrey Lardiere and his daughter, graphic and fashion designer Brinley Lardiere. By merging Lardiere’s vibrant artwork with fashion, they were able to create a brand that celebrates the same concept as his paintings – celebrating life in a colorful, playful, and vivacious fashion.

Geoffrey has been a full-time artist for the past 28 years, with works purchased for over 6,000 public, private, and corporate collections.

The Lardiere Collection kicked off with a line of silk scarves, each derived from one of Lardiere’s original paintings. In June they launched a line of travel cases, with matching tote bags that will be coming out this fall. Cashmere and silk blend scarves are being added to the fall line as well.

Geoffrey sells his artwork exclusively, and seasonally, at the Lardiere Gallery in Ephraim. The rest of the year he paints from his Florida studio at Alligator Point. Brinley Lardiere will be in the Lardiere Gallery over Labor Day weekend for the launch of the Lardiere Collection cashmere/silk scarves that will be arriving for the fall.

The Lardiere Gallery is located on Highway 42 in Ephraim. For more information call 920.854.1885 or visit