Town of Egg Harbor – The Town of Egg Harbor Plan Commission reviewed preliminary architectural plans Monday evening for the proposed equine campground to be located on a 10-acre parcel at 5086 Cty I.

Proposed by David and Penny Geitner, the Geitner Homestead Equine Campground would be located on the west side of Oak Road, which divides the property, and would feature 29 campsites, each with water and electrical hookup. Preliminary plans show that 20 of the 29 sites would have steel gate panel corrals equal to two 12-foot-by-12-foot stalls. Seven of the 29 sites would be pull-through campsites.

David Geitner said the plans were well received, with only a few potential changes.

“There were just a few discrepancies we have to go over with the building inspector and maybe come up with some alternative options, mainly because some things don’t line up with the current building ordinances,” he said.
For example, the campground’s current plans include nonattached, wooden structures instead of allowing tents

“Many [equine] campgrounds don’t allow tents because of safety issues involved if a horse were to come loose and run into or through the tent,” Geitner said. 

Under the current town ordinance, those structures would not be permissible because they would be considered buildings and not “temporary structures.” Unless granted an exception, the Geitners would need to come up with an alternative option.

“It’s just something we need to take another look at,” Geitner said. “There aren’t any other equine campgrounds in this area, so certain ordinances won’t align.”

The town board will review the plans during its regular meeting, Aug. 16, 7 pm