Evers Responds to Supreme Court Public Instruction Case

State Superintendent Tony Evers

State Superintendent Tony Evers offered a statement on the May 18 4-3 Wisconsin Supreme Court decision on Coyne v. Walker, affirming the state superintendent of public instruction’s administrative rule-making authority. The ruling is a blow to Republicans who wanted to limit the power of the Department of Public Instruction. “Today’s ruling is a victory for public education and the future of our state. It is a reflection of the value our public schools provide to communities across Wisconsin and the importance of having an independent state superintendent oversee that system. Despite the rhetoric suggesting otherwise, this case was about maintaining the administrative rule-making authority that is shared between the Legislature and the nonpartisan, elected state superintendent. That relationship has existed since the foundation of our state and has contributed to the success of our public school system. More than anything else, this ruling provides much needed stability for our schools and the students they serve. I hope we can now get back to focusing on what works best for our kids.”

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