Excavating My Car


1_During my last few days in the county, I’ve found myself cleaning out just about everything, including my beloved Jeep, Spencer.

Spencer and I are inseparable as he is figuratively (and sometimes literally) my home away from home. As any of my friends can tell you, I am a neurotic neat-freak, but I still managed to find some items leftover from this past season in the county.

2_The first thing I found were the turkey feathers I turned into earrings and wore to the first Fishstock concert, Unity, back in July. It’s surprising that they survived until the next day, let alone until October.


3_Turning to the glove box, I found all the new CDs I procured over the summer. Southside Stranglers and The Delta Routine were both bands I discovered and jammed out to at Steel Bridge Songfest at the beginning of June. And then of course there is the Birds of Chicago CD from everyone’s favorite Door County band, JT and the Clouds. I even got that one signed by all the birds themselves.


4_I would not have made it through the summer without my hammock. Camping and sleeping in friends’ yards was made incredibly convenient with the help of the hammock.

5_And then I found the cowboy hat that my dear boss at Bay Shore Outfitters gave me at the beginning of the summer, which was worn to the annual Bay Shore staff costume mini-golf outing.

6_Going hand-in-hand with my hammock, my headlamp got me through some spooky moments this summer. I am pretty afraid of the dark and the headlamp made it easier to get through those night hikes.

7_My tripod. I’m a photographer. Enough said.


8_And the camping tribute continues. My Camelback backpack and my sleeping bag completed all the camping trips and impromptu sleepovers.

9_I then came across some souvenirs that were taken from a hike at the old quarry park. An old railroad nail and some red shale were just a few of the items collected by my friend, Michelle and I.

10_Lastly, I spotted the Pabst Blue Ribbon sunglasses I procured while on assignment at a Packers tailgate with the dear Sally Slattery. We ran into a PBR rep and after assuring him that I was Pabst’s #1 fan, the glasses were handed down to me and the rest is history.