‘Exhibit 3’ Opens at Idea Gallery

Idea Gallery is hosting an Exhibit 3 opening reception Sept. 11, 3-7 pm, featuring the work of two artists, refreshments in the sculpture garden and music by acoustic guitarist Stephen Lavell.

Featured monotype print artist Barbara Manger creates richly layered works that explore nature.

“I engage lines as a metaphor, creating marks that repeat and weave themselves together like fabric or like rivers,” Manger said. “My focus is sometimes on directing and ordering lines, but mostly I am intrigued by tangles, overlays and apparent disorder.”

Robinson Scott has been a glass blower for 37 years and is still impressed by how much he continues to learn about his craft.

“The techniques and applications not only seem limitless, [but] the fact has become painfully obvious that I will run out of time on Earth before I run out of ideas for creative expression in this material,” his artist statement reads. “Each time I pick up a blowpipe, I pursue difference and personal perfection in form and design.”

Visit Idea Gallery online at or in person at 6551 Cty T in West Jacksonport.


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