Exhibit #3 Opens at Idea Gallery

Four artists are featured during the third exhibition at Idea Gallery, running Aug. 17 to Sept. 26 with an opening reception on Aug. 18 from 4-7 pm. Artists include Marion Angelica, Cherie Haney, Teresa Lind, and Michael Santini. Meet the artists and hear what inspires their specialized artworks.

Angelica forms refreshing, porcelain vessels that are meant to be used for life’s special occasions. Function and design combine in her works. They are challenging and beautiful. Haney’s biomorphic patterns are influenced by aerial photographs, graphic arts, architecture, maps and bio-medical illustrations. She photographs her drawings, and uses a hydro-abrasive cutter to form metal layers that float over a mixed media background to create an industrial look.

Lind’s life-size iron sculptures are striking in their contrast to the rural garden setting, and reflect all aspects of the feminine mystique. She said, “My work is essentially about the dignity and pride of being female and feminine and the reality of manual labor and hard work and how we balance those things daily.” Santini’s exacting, detailed artwork has been exhibited throughout the U.S., abroad in Switzerland and France. His work includes oil paintings, drawings and composite sculptures.  

Idea Gallery, located at 6551 Cty T in West Jacksonport, is open 11 am – 5 pm daily. For more information visit

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