Exhibit IV Opens at Fine Line Designs Gallery

Fine Line Designs Gallery’s final exhibit of the 2012 season features artists with inspirations as distinct as their mediums. The works of art quilter Sue Benner, oil painters Donna Lindboe Trupin and Cynthia Tumpach, and glass artist David Leppla premiered at Fine Line on Aug. 9 and will be on display through Sept. 7.

While pursuing a degree in molecular biology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Benner took two influential electives—fabric design and art history. These classes led her to pursue careers in biomedical illustration and studio arts.

Benner’s innovative quilts are known for their “structured patterns, vivid beauty and riotous variation.”

Lindboe Trupin is known for explosions of color in her oil paintings of landscapes and florals. Trupin says she perceives the world as a series of shapes, lines, textures, and designs. “Absolutely anything and everything is a painting,” Trupin says. “For me, the intent is always to embellish the ordinary.”

Tumpach focuses primarily with landscapes of everyday places and describes her work as interpretive realism. Tumpach says, “I single out something that intrigues me, and then the composition is determined by the condition and direction of the lighting.”

According to Leppla, his whimsical “Fishvase” series captures “a moment in time under the ocean; the illusion of exotic tropical fish leaving their underwater world and entering yours.”

Fine Line Designs is located at 10376 Highway 42 near Ephraim. For more information visit or call 920.854.4343.