Expand Wellness Opens in Sturgeon Bay

Theresa Michalec is bringing new perspectives on how to train smart through her new business, Expand Wellness in Sturgeon Bay.

Michalec lived in Door County during the early 2000s, and she and her commitment to living well have now returned to Sturgeon Bay after extensive travel and gaining experience in New York, New Zealand and Vietnam. 

Michalec – whose background is grounded in wellness and pain management – uses integrated exercise programs to help clients heal and thrive. She has been a passionate, dedicated instructor and educational resource for understanding whole-body wellness for nearly a decade. Her approach incorporates one-to-one training with her clients to reinform the body on how to move well and manage pain through strength, mobility and balance training. 

Find out about sessions and upcoming workshops by calling 646.852.7590 or emailing [email protected].