Exploring the Human Connection through Windows and Doors

The Meadows Gallery welcomes the public to Windows and Doors: A Photographic Exhibit, featuring the photography of Door County photographer Dennis Connolly, who chose this theme because current news reports are full of discussions about walls – and not just physical ones. 

Segregation and division are becoming more defined through gender, race, religion, politics, economics and philosophy. The windows and doors in his exhibit offer a way to see beyond our own walls and to walk among those around us, creating connections with others.

The exhibit will be on display Sept. 30 – Nov. 22, with a reception to be held Oct. 12, 1-3 pm. 

“My preferred subject matter in photography is portraiture of people,” Connolly said. “I have decided to present this exhibit as a study in portraiture of doors and windows, as I see the personality of each one differently. It is my hope that you will perceive the human connection to these doors and windows, and further perceive the symbolism of our need for interchange with other people and our environment.”


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